Yvonne and scooter

Like Natalie Turner, I grew up in an Essex new town, Basildon, during the 80s… and my big brother, Rik, was a punk… and I hated Thatcher and went to many CND meetings and marches. But Many Happy Returns isn't autobiographical. I have to say that or my mum will never forgive me for portraying her as a bitter, twisted, pill-popping alcoholic.

I went to Camberwell School of Art in the late 80s and managed to obtain a degree in Fine Art. (I don't care what anyone says about Arts degrees – it was blimmin' hard work!) Since then, I have worked in shops, box offices, call centres and the media. My ideal profession would be something that involves dog-walking, watching films, listening to the radio, and writing and drawing. Suffice to say that 2010 has been the happiest, most fulfilling year of my life!

I know it's a cliché, but I truly believe that if you are (even only moderately) good at something, and you can find time to do it (when I was working, I used to schedule two hours every weeknight, usually during Radcliffe and Maconie's Radio 2 show), and you work really hard at it… eventually you will produce something that will make you truly happy. It probably won't make you rich, or successful, or famous… but it's an affordable form of therapy. And because it takes your attention away (albeit momentarily) from consuming stuff, it's an effective way to really give it to "the man".